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Store cashier wins million dollar jackpot

Throughout Kansas thousands of people play the lottery each week. Most never win more than a few hundred dollars, if that. But for a fortunate few, lady luck shines down on them and they are able to win millions. Such is the case for a Missouri store cashier who won $1 million in her state's Powerball game.

The 57-year-old woman is a part-time cashier and pharmacy technician and her town's newest millionare. The winning combination of numbers came from her favorite Nascar drivers. After the Powerball jackpot ballooned to a whopping $600 million, she decided to get into the game and sold herself a ticket. The woman did not win the jackpot, but she won a $1 million prize. She plans to keep working at both of her jobs after receiving a lump sum payout. After helping her son financially, she plans to splurge on a vacation.

Wins like this one give hope to those who may be drowning in debt. However, it is not enough to hope to win the lottery. Financial challenges need real financial solutions. One option may be to file for personal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can allow an individual to create a reasonable payment plan for credit card, medical and other bills or eradicate debts altogether. Either way, a fresh financial start can be gained after meeting all the obligations outlined by the bankruptcy court.

The first step to determine bankruptcy eligibility starts with a detailed financial analysis by a qualified bankruptcy attorney. The attorney will assess the situation and direct the client towards the right bankruptcy plan for the situation. Whether utilizing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a new financial start is within reach.

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